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How to make speed controller of grinder and drill

 Not every power tool has a speed controller. But this is a necessary function that increases the quality and comfort of work. To adjust the speed of an unregulated tool, you can assemble a simple regulator with your own hands. You do not need knowledge in the radio-electronic field, since everything will be assembled on a ready-made module. This is a great option to save money and not overpay for expensive models.


What you need:

  1. Junction box;
  2. internal socket;
  3. 2000 W power regulator module - http://alii.pub/5zkesp
  4. wire with a plug.

The assembly process of the controller

It is necessary to cut a hole in the cover of the junction box, and install a socket in it.

To keep it in place, from the inside of the cover, the mounting screws are screwed into nuts with washers or a plate.


A power cord with a plug is connected to the terminals of the power regulator module. The exit from it is connected by wires to the contacts of the socket.

The regulator is installed in a regular hole on the side of the back box. The wire itself with a plug is wound through the opposite hole. The back box is then snapped into place.

Now you can adjust the parameters of the electrical network at the outlet, thereby adjusting the speed of the asynchronous AC motors. It is these that are installed in power tools such as grinders, electric drills, jigsaws, etc.

Watch the video

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