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How to make a very simple induction heater


Induction heating is very fast. With heaters made according to this principle, metal blanks for hardening are red-hot in production facilities. Similar devices can be used in the home workshop. Assembling such a heater is not difficult at all, since all the components necessary for this are available on the free market.


A simple circuit of an induction heater with only two transistors

This is a very simple self-excited circuit. Power is supplied from a 12 V DC source. Transistors are installed on the radiator through a dielectric thermal pad. The coil contains 8 turns with a tap from the middle.

Heater manufacturing process

The first step is to tin the legs of the transistors.

Solder a 10 kOhm resistor between the first and third. Then we bend the jumper out of the copper wire and solder it to the third leg. To the first one, we additionally solder a 22 kOhm resistor.

Similarly, we connect the resistors to the second transistor. After that, you need to connect the blanks. To do this, we solder a jumper from the first transistor to the third leg of the second.

Now using copper jumpers, we solder 3 capacitors together. We solder the ends of the jumpers to the central legs of the transistors.

Next, you need to solder the 22 kOhm resistors to the jumpers on the capacitors. Since they are not insulated, you need to look so that the wire does not touch each other.

We turn the spiral out of the wire. In this case, 8 turns are made around the battery. The spiral is soldered to the capacitor jumpers.

An insulated wire must be soldered to the center of the spiral. It will connect to the "+" terminal on the batteries. The second power wire is soldered to the third leg of the first transistor.

We fix the circuit with transistors to the base. For this, insulating gaskets are necessarily used. Then we connect a 12V battery to the circuit.

Now, when metal objects are placed into the spiral, they will almost instantly heat up to high temperatures.

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