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How to make a bearing puller from old valves


It can be extremely difficult to knock out pressed-in bearings without a special puller. If you do not plan to buy such a tool, then it can be made from scrap materials. With it, the bearings are removed in a matter of minutes.


  • old valves - 2 pcs.;  
  • bolt М14-М16 with nut plate or strip with a cross section of 10 mm.

Puller manufacturing process

The ends of the valve stems need to be sharpened into hooks.


Those should go between the balls of the bearings and, when turning, cling to the grooves on the cages.

On both valves, a part of the plate is cut off from the side of the sharp edges of the hooks.

Thus, if you insert such a tool between the balls of the bearing, then focusing on the cut, you can unscrew the hook so that it catches on the grooves on the cage.

Further, the pistons are captured by the release mechanism. It is a pointed end bolt and nut. A lugged plate is welded to the latter for engaging the valve discs. When tightening the bolt, the plate will drag the hooks along with the bearing.

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