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drill stand with chain drive

 Drilling with a drill strictly at right angles just by holding it in your hands is almost impossible. If precise holes are required, then mount it on a stand. Such devices are offered by many brands, but even the most little-known of them cost almost more than the drill itself. If you are not ready to overpay, then you can make a rack with your own hands.

What is consumed:

  • Sheet steel 6-10 mm;
  • pipes 32 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm;
  • profile pipe 20x40 mm;
  • nuts, bolts;
  • compression spring;
  • valve train chain;
  • strip 20 mm;
  • timing sprocket.

Drill stand making process

From sheet steel, it is necessary to cut the sole for the drill. The larger it is, the more stable the device will be. A guide post from a 32 mm pipe is welded to the sole at a right angle.

Next, a piece of pipe with a diameter of 40 mm is cut off. It will slide along the guide. A section of a profile pipe is welded to the center at a right angle to it.


Now you need to do the fastening of the drill. For this, a ring is cut from a pipe with a diameter of 50 mm. It needs to be drilled and a nut welded into the hole to tighten the M8 bolt.

The mount is welded to the previously fixed profile pipe.

A spring is put on the rack. A washer is installed on top, which allows you to spring the tube with the drill mount.


Then, a roller timing chain is welded onto a section of a strip corresponding to the length of the tube with a fastener. The resulting part is welded onto the tube.

Now we need to tackle the drill control mechanism. For this, a stand is made from the strip. It is drilled and a timing sprocket is screwed onto it. The foot is welded to the sole. It is necessary that the sprocket is located close to the chain rollers, and is approximately in the middle of it.

The drill can now be installed in the mount and tightened with the bolt. To lower it, you need to push the control lever away from you.

The movement of the drill is smooth, and the drill is always perpendicular to the workpiece being drilled.

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