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DIY grinder from old hard drive

What can a broken hard drive be used aftre breakdown? Put it up under the corner of the table? Or remove the hard disk and use it as a mirror?…… If the motor inside is not broken, use it as a grinder!

You will disassemble the hard drive to make a grinder... The hard disk on the left is a flat type, and the one on the right is a groove type (newer hard disks are mostly of this type)

Disassembly tool

the hard drive on the left first, it looks like this after disassembly


First go to the hardware store to buy a grinding wheel

Careful comparison will reveal that the middle aperture of the hard disk platter is larger, and the aperture of the grinding wheel is smaller. At this time, the hole in the middle of the grinding wheel has to be digged and then locked. A Torx screwdriver is needed to disassemble and lock the hard disk, which is more troublesome

Power on and check that it is operating normally.

Try it, do you see sparks?

Because the grinding wheel is heavier and shakes a lot during operation, it is better to grind things by fixing it.

Try grinding again.

Next toss another hard disk, due to the shell limitation, the grinding wheel cannot be put into it. How to do? Paste sandpaper directly on the hard disk platter!



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