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DIY WIFI Signal booster with can

 I saw a wifi signal extractor made of mosquito coils on cnbeta a few days ago. I heard that the results are good, but the mosquito coils are not easy to find. As it was previously rumored that someone opened the cans and placed them at the antenna of the router as a directional antenna, it has the ability to strengthen the signal in a certain direction. At the same time, the cans are easy to find, and the wifi signal in my bedroom is not very ambitious. The wifi for my desktop computer, the router in the bedroom and the guest hall separated two solid walls), so I thought about this action, and also confirmed whether this object can really strengthen the signal.


List the equipment and raw materials first: reaming shears (preferably for fish peeling), iron rulers, serrated fruit knives, empty cans (higher barrels are better for comparison, with large reflective areas).

This is a can specially bought.

Remove the bottom of the can and cut it from the middle

Then cut it like this. As for the angle of opening, it seems necessary

  Finally installed on the wifi antenna, it looks like this

This is the wifi quality before the canned antenna

 This is the wifi quality after installation

  From the comparison of the last two pictures, it can be seen that the signal of Wifi has improved by 6 dBm, and the signal strength of windows has also risen from 2 to 4. It cannot be said that the result is very good, but at least it has a certain level. Promotion. Although this object is not very elegant, but compared with a dedicated antenna of dozens of dollars, it is too cost-effective.




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