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Simple 12VDC/220V inverter circuit for transformers with NE555


Usually the simplest converter from 12 to 220 V is built on one transistor and a transformer with a three-terminal primary winding. On a positive feedback, the generator on the transistor is excited and generation occurs. The converted voltage is removed from the secondary winding. Despite the simplest circuit, such a converter has a number of big disadvantages, namely:
  • a transformer with such windings is difficult to sodium, usually they are rewound themselves;
  • the generation frequency cannot be changed, since it depends on resonance.

The scheme described below is devoid of all these disadvantages. It uses a "running" transformer, which can be found in old power supplies or chargers. The frequency can be adjusted close to 50 Hz and power consumers that are sensitive to the output frequency.

The transformer has two windings. One for 220 V, the other for 12 VAC.

Name of the required parts

Inverter circuit

The circuit of a single-ended converter (inverter) consists of a powerful switch on a field-effect transistor IRFZ44N and a pulse generator built on the common NE555 counter microcircuit. The variable resistor R2 can be used to adjust the generator frequency.

Manufacturing process

Let's start assembling a simple inverter. For the sake of clarity, the entire installation will be carried out by surface mounting.

We fix the microcircuit and solder the circuits according to the schematic diagram. For the convenience of the output, the microcircuits were unbent.

We fix the transistor and solder the resistor to it.

We solder the key and the generator together. It turns out a single scheme.

We solder the circuit to the transformer, namely to the 12 V winding output.

We connect the power wires

Solder the load in the form of an LED paw to the output from the 220 V transformer.

We supply power from a 12 V battery.

As you can see: the LED light bulb shines perfectly.

The power of such an inverter does not exceed 5 W, but if desired, it can be increased by using a more powerful transformer.

Watch the video


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